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Many of the terms explained and illustrated here could be expanded upon in much more detail. Explaining all the differences between a font and a typeface could take paragraphs, and many designers still argue over when a word becomes a widow versus an orphan. Dot's Dictionary is intended to be a brief introduction to the fundamental vocabulary of graphic design, not the be-all and end-all.
The Dictionary gives the curious reader enough of an understanding of the vocabulary of graphic design that they can either decide to continue to learn more, or apply their knowledge to a practical project.

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Dot's Dictionary © Nana Adwoa Sey
Translated into French by Rémi Dumoulin
Translated into Spanish by Camilo Calderón.
“Pipe” symbol by Okan Ben, “Music” symbol by Hum, “Snowflake” symbol by Lil Squid, The Noun Project collection | "Cubano" Font by Chandler Van De Water, Lost Type Co-Op | "On Scroll Effect Layout" by Codrops Blueprints.